“Discovering the Silver Lining”

Fall 2021

2021 is whizzing by. We have been working solidly (and safely) all year with a new sense of perspective. Our goal has always been to help people by “Refreshing Spaces”. Whether people are living, working, creating, resting or a combination of everything, in their space. I think we all understand our spaces a lot more now. How we live, work and play has been under a microscope for well over a year! It feels good to be more tuned in to our needs and the needs of others.

Refreshing a space means so much more now – in addition to the tried and true tasks such as; decluttering, painting, updating elements and re-defining the purpose of an area, our new perspective can also involve more holistic tasks. More attention can be on creating a flexible and convertible space where you can be more creative, playful, contemplative or productive. It is more about what happens inside the space as well as how it looks. It is how a space feels, sounds and functions that becomes paramount. All of our senses are taking part.

Being confined to our own quarters has made us take a hard look at what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes there are clues that can expose other issues that need to be brought to the forefront..

This idea is very important to us as home stagers. Our work is all about the feeling, light, flow and functionality of the property when we take on a project. Sure, it would be so easy to buy a bunch of nice stuff and just fill up a condo or house but staging is much more than that! We use a scientific approach to ensure the buyer can see and feel the potential of every corner.

Serving clients during a pandemic boosted our listening skills and our attention to details. By simplifying our workflows, it is now easier to be mindful and be present for people – and ourselves. Busily rushing around is only an option now – not a given.

Covid restrictions gave us time to fully experience, reflect and re-evaluate our personal and business lives. This is the same process we endeavor to bring to people’s homes. We aim to be Refreshing Spaces – even if you are not selling your home!

The Silver Lining Covid takeaway is understanding the value of taking time to carefully and thoughtfully assess areas of your home, the activities that happen within them and set goals accordingly in new ways.

We love using sense keywords to set goals. Think about how you want your kitchen to feel, function, smell, sound and look? Describe your vision with a couple of descriptive words.


Here are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself and your family:

The Kitchen for example:

Is there enough light in your meal preparation area? Is it a pleasant place to work in?

Do you feel inspired when you are in it? Is it easy to clean?

Do your food storage containers keep contents airtight? Do you need all of the food storage and travel drink containers that currently reside there?

Are you using all of your small appliances frequently? Do they all need to be out? Are they easy to access?

How do you keep track of what you are going to eat and the ingredients you need?

Is it easy to see what you already have?

How many different cupboards do you have to visit to make a little lunch? Is there chaos in the fridge/freezer?

Is it social enough or too much so? Can 2 people work easily together? Safe for Kids? + Seniors?

Is the kitchen a good place to be? Does it make you happy?

Any area of the home can be assessed in this way.

At the end of a Staging Day- almost every time – clients tell us that we did all of the things they wish they had done! Some don’t even want to move – when that happens it is truly a success because falling in love with a space is what Home Staging is all about.

Why wait until you move/sell to improve your home and make it a better place to be? 

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