“Our Holiday Tips to add Warmth “

Holiday 2021

Here we are after 1 year of starting our blog! It has been fun sharing with clients, colleagues, friends and beyond some of our observations, tips and reflections. We hope you have enjoyed what we have put together so far.

Anne and I asked ourselves the other day;

“How can we make more Comfort and Joy for the holidays?” We created the list below of different ways to add warmth to the holidays, inside and out:)


– Take Inventory in your storage areas

-Spend an hour or two in your basement and storage areas to look at what you have put in there that you are not using – do you need it? Want it? can it be donated? or thrown out?

-Are there things that need upgrading that could make for practical gift ideas such as luggage, small appliances or linens?

-Are there gently used items that someone else could use? Can you reuse what you have in different ways to make your own signature look?

*When you start early – it can add creativity and practicality to the holidays instead of adding more shopping


-It’s time to switch your closets from spring/summer to fall/winter

-If you haven’t worn an item over the past 2 years, perhaps you could consider donating it?

-Colour blocking is a great way to keep your closet organized, hang all the black items together, the blue items together and the white items together, you get the idea….

-To make it, even more, clutter-free, purchase the same style hangers for a clean look,

-We like to use wooden hangers for coats and heavy items, and narrow black velvet hangers which are slimmer and take up less space, the velvet also helps items stay on the hanger


-Now is a great time to sort through your clothes and donate to your local charity

-Snowsuits, winter coats and jackets are boots are in great need and really appreciated this time of year

-If they haven’t been worn over the last two winter seasons, or family members have grown out of their winter gear, they could be utilized and enjoyed by someone else

-Don’t forget to go through the pockets and clean items before donating

-At this time of year there are coat drives in the community that can be found through flyers or online


-Create a Holiday Zone in an under-used area so it is easy to see what you have in the way of cards, gift wrap, bags, ribbons

-A bulletin board can be helpful to start your unique Holiday Look by displaying clippings, recipes, entertaining and outing ideas, a calendar can keep everyone in sync of all the upcoming fun

*Exchanging gifts is fun and special but the Holidays are usually remembered by what you DID, not what you gave and received..


-Cosiness is a beautiful and simple element of the Holidays that we love. Adding textures such as faux fur and suede, velvet, flannel, corduroy and natural linens easily bring elegance and comfort to any room

-Sheens of different types and colours can be combined with glass, lucite, mosaic, silk, satin and pearl accessories for your eclectic Holiday look

-Tone-on-Tone colour schemes are wonderfully simple and comfortable and can utilize everyday items for the holidays, just by combining them differently. That makes for less decorations to store each year

*Adding a few things to liven up what you already have can reduce the stress of decorating and make more time for family and friends


-If you are entertaining friends and family from out of town over the holiday don’t forget to give your guest room a refresh

-Make sure your bedding is clean and comfortable

-Add a throw at the end of the bed, it provides extra warmth on those cold nights and a bit of texture to the room

-Your bedside table should have a good lamp, perhaps a water glass and carafe

-The closest bathroom can house a small spa basket with a few luxe essentials in it

-For an added touch, set out a scented candle or festive greenery on the bedside table too

-Your guests will feel welcome and appreciate the extra touches 


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