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Refreshing Spaces

Nature has its own beautiful sense of order. Gorgeous views that we might see on vacation give us a feeling of tranquility. When traveling, people have fewer possessions to take care of which clears the mind and spirit and allow them to be fully immersed in their surroundings. The principles of simplicity, style, colour, texture and design can comfort and soothe us as well as energize and inspire us. These principles are used to create tranquility in the home, whether staging, up/downsizing, redesigning or organizing. Our thoughtful and experienced team can streamline the process with our innovative methods and positive approach.
We would like to create some "Refreshing Spaces" in your home!
Declutter and Organize

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your stuff? Have no time to organize and don’t know where to start? Let us help create a harmonious and efficient home for you. We will develop a cohesive plan which will eliminate wasted time and effort. Your schedule will be freed up so you can enjoy life more. An organized home is a calm home.

Downsizing and Space Planning Toronto
Downsizing and Redesign

Moving can be difficult, especially when you are going to a smaller space. Decision making is exhausting, as you endeavour to keep what you love most while letting others benefit from your giveaways. Figuring out what will work in your new place is a challenge and we can help you get it done. We will provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Smart Staging

Do you have concerns that staging is too expensive, inconvenient and the home preparation list is too difficult? Obstacles to staging are eliminated by putting the home in the hands of seasoned staging professionals. We transform tired looking properties into homes with maximum buyer appeal by showing space, light and a more current look. Let us do a Smart Staging for you!

Our Inspiration

We appreciate the beauty and simplicity of everyday life.

This inspires us to create order with a serene feeling wherever we go.

We love how we feel when we are on vacation, having only the bare

essentials to keep track of, allowing us freedom to go out and

enjoy everything around us.

How about feeling like that everyday?  

We equate getting organized to a journey and as professional organizers

we are inspired to chart the course of the trip 

so you know where you are going and how to get there.

We navigate for you on every leg of the trip to save you

from getting nowhere or lost on the way.

Our Approach

We approach each home with a positive, non-judgemental attitude and extensive experience. Compassion and respect are key values in our work.

We reduce your stress by supporting you every step of the way and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

our approach

We Provide

We begin with a cohesive plan with your goals in mind. The Art of Order provides each client with customized services, access to many resources and flexibility.

Our systematic approach strives to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the entire project.

Our Vision

We are proud of our creative approach, problem-solving skills and resourceful design ideas. Our fresh eyes can see opportunities to use your existing furnishings in new ways.

These innovative ideas will save you time, effort and money. We can source items that you need to complete your new gorgeous look.


Our Recent Projects


  • “To simply say “Thank-You” just seems so inadequate right now I would like you both to know how much you have done for me with respect to my relocation”to the Sumach.
    So thank-you for coming to my rescue and easing not only the packing, but for your great suggestions which I am taking “Under Advisement:)
    Once again, heartfelt thank-you and I hope we meet for lunch at the Sumach soon.”

    Georgina Simac
    Active Resident - The Sumac - Retirement community
  • “The Art of Order came to our rescue! We had one week to get our house decluttered and ready to sell and then 2 months to pack up 34 years’ worth of memories and belongings to move to a smaller space. I was paralyzed by the enormity of it, and physically totally not up to the task. Fortunately our real estate agent told us about The Art of Order, and Toby and Anne galloped in to the rescue. They patiently, efficiently, respectfully plowed through our house, room by room, drawer by drawer, floor by floor, sorting what we would keep, put in storage, give away, or throw away. They rearranged everything to show our house at its best–they had such good ideas about what would appeal to potential buyers. We met what I thought was totally impossible deadlines, and they made our house look fantastic. I will forever be grateful to these two amazing ladies for what they did for us, and the kindness with which they did it.”

    Beverley Muston
    Toronto Homeowner
  • “Toby and Anne have a gift for presenting a home in its best light!
    I’ve relied on them several times to prepare and present my various clients’ homes, be they house or Condo – Toby and Anne get it right.
    I happily encourage anyone needing someone with a good eye to contact The Art of Order – I certainly will again!”

    Linda Lilley
    Real Estate Agent
  • “Dear Toby and Anne, Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Jeff loves the “new” furnace room. Now when I head down to the basement, I feel lighter and don’t have a pit in my stomach…amazing! All the best to you both. Enjoy the holidays! ”

    Note: Andrea made a great goal for herself in the winter of 2021. She wanted to re-decorate her living room in 2022. She disliked the state of her basement ,so used her project as a deadline to make before commencing her more exciting living room redesign. She made a plan with us to organize her basement first and not start redecorating until she was totally done. It only took 3 sessions. It was so special for us because we love helping clients reach their goals!

    Andrea Murphy
    Toronto Homeowner
  • “We moved from a large apartment on February 3, 2018. I am a disabled 67 year old woman. After the boxes were empty, we were dismayed by the looming task of storing our belongings. I used the internet to find professional organizers. Toby & Anne visited for a free, 1/2 hour evaluation. We agreed on terms & arrived the next morning.
    Today, EVERY item in our 700 square foot apartment has a place ! All are labelled (until we become used to where things are)
    It was a pleasure to hear their friendly interaction and I was encouraged with gentle humour to keep going! The experience was 100 % positive. ”

    Rev. Bob & Coline Bettson
    Toronto Homeowners
  • “Toby and Anne have been my “go to” for several years and for several good reasons. I wouldn’t list a property without them. Their suggestions, their work ethic, their professionalism, their consideration and kindness to my clients and their brilliant skill in preparing a house for the market.”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER “Since 1980” Bosley Real Estate Ltd.
  • “Toby and Anne have a gift for presenting a home in its best light! I enjoy watching this amazing team in action and I have been completely awestruck each and every time. My personal recommendation is the Art of Order, to anyone looking for a friendly, professional, carefree and fun experience. My clients love them both!”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER “Since 1980” Bosley Real Estate Ltd.
  • “We hired Toby and Anne from “The Art of Order” to pack our kitchen and all of our artwork for a move from Toronto to Burlington. The kitchen packing went smoothly and orderly with all boxes marked clearly. The artwork was beautifully wrapped and boxed with each piece noted on the outside packaging. We recommend this company to anyone who wants to save themselves the hard work and frustration of packing for a move”

    Vi Sadler
    North York Homeowner
  • “I loved how they worked with my decor and pulled together a subdued but elegant, livable space, without any disruption or drama. I highly recommend Toby and Anne, they are the essence of what it is to be a professional. I will keep them on my speed dial.”

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Toby MacPhee and Anne Donald are the principles of The Art of Order, a professional organizing company that helps seniors, like my mom, Pat, downsize. Toby and Anne created a design plan to make a much smaller space seem pleasant and familiar for my mom. They did the gathering, packing, and installation of everything Pat moved to her new home. After Pat moved to her new home, Toby and Anne began the second phase of the project, wading through and leading a massive excavation and decluttering of Pat’s home and preparing it for sale. Toby and Anne have already shown their mettle, handling my mom’s resistance oh so tactfully. Toby brings a degree from OCAD and Anne is a retired lawyer; together they bring wide-ranging skill sets, plus a lot of grace and finesse.”

    Andrew and Barb Roberts
    Adult Children of Downsizing Parent
  • “I was standing in my office this morning and felt so good to have everything looking so spiffy. It’s as if my life has meaning. You’re Outstanding! Thanks to you both for your wonderful work. You succeeded.”

    Wayne Yetman
    Toronto condo owner
  • “I recently had to get my house ready to sell with an active 10-month old underfoot and absolutely could not have done it without Toby and Anne. They came in and did EVERYTHING, I like that they kept pictures of my family around and incorporated other personal touches throughout. I would definitely make Toby and Anne my first call the next time I need to stage a house in Toronto.”

    Helen J.
  • “I have lived in my house for eight years, and in the matter of a few hours, Toby and Anne transformed my entire living space. Their eye for detail, efficient and organized approach to showcasing the best features of my home was completed effortlessly.

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Can’t thank-you enough. The staging was a huge part of its success – 122% of sale price achieved.”

    Shannon B.
    Real Estate Agent
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