It is always fun to explore what home decorating trends are coming our way in the New Year. 

2024 is offering up a varied and interesting set of design ideas that point to an emphasis on the human experience. As Home Stagers we constantly mine for ways in which to make homes feel liveable, functional and super stylish. 2024 also brings a Buyers Market to Toronto. The demand for homes is higher than the supply of homes for sale. This means there are less transactions overall and houses are sitting longer on the market. The Art of Order is offering a new package that is the  solution to this situation.

Smart Staging Makeover – Refresh your Space for Less!  Details are at bottom of this post.

We are experts in pre-staging, decluttering, organizing, home staging and redesign. When clients put their home in our hands we can take care of everything for them in a helpful, skillful and timely way. 

For over 7 years we have been Smart Staging homes with mostly our clients’ best furniture and accessories, helping them edit and pack up their belongings, pre-staging cupboards and bringing in key pieces of gorgeous rental art, accessories and soft furnishings. We have enjoyed developing this skill to create stunning looking properties that sell – with a minimal amount of rentals.

Here are the Top 10 Staging Design Elements that we will be incorporating into our Staging Projects this year.

1. Warm Minimalism – personality comes back into rooms with a curated  approach. It feels good to have a few of your most special things on display. A delicate balance of styling is needed to feel uncluttered but avoid total depersonalization.

2. Earth Tones and Textures – people who grew up in the 70’s will feel comfortable with the natural and fun patterns. Blues, creams, browns and rusts take many boomers back to simpler times. 

3. Redesign with the Earth in Mind – refinishing old floors, furniture store buy-back programs, changing up kitchen hardware, buying/selling eclectic, timeless gently used pieces and refurbishing older furniture for a new life – out of the landfill.

4. Practicality is seen in the mix of clay, glass, brick, metal, stone and quartz surfaces.  Handmade and unique items can shine without distracting when perfectly placed. Books when edited and artfully arranged on bookcases add warmth and character. Baskets can add order to a home and you can conveniently find your go-to things! Plants continue to add life to rooms.

5. Gorgeous Bathrooms take a major role as we recognize the need to take care of ourselves. Adding some interesting luxe elements that give a feeling of serenity help us to unwind and slow down mindfully- and they don’t have to break the bank. Ultimate self-care!

6. Lighter Wood Tones are eternally appealing – as they help to  create the airy look that can support many styles; elegant, scandi, retro and refined arts and crafts. Plus they don’t show the dust much! Even though the trend in wood tones is currently on the light side, an interesting mix of them with several carefully chosen deeper wood tones can add drama and enhance the space.

7. Walk on the Wild Side – The trend of bolder flooring ie; B & W checkerboard, large scale tile patterns and irregular stone work can be incorporated into a staging with the right know-how. The perfect colour and size of rug can light up a room.

8. Multi-Functionality is popular in homes. We are seeing many modular items which cleverly transform a little-used area into a usable space. Rooms are more versatile and need to be thoughtfully arranged to show the space in its best light. A guest bedroom could include a home office because people are working from home now or a small nook could become a place to do yoga, work out or read.

9. A Sanctuary describes how we like to feel about our home and buyers need to see that it could be possible and imagine themselves living there. Simplicity is created with decluttering, editing and packing items away for a while – All of which we can help clients with!

10. Timeless Detailing and Sophistication. Fluting on furniture and cabinets, elevated hardware on cupboard doors and interesting fabrics and wallpapers add refined detail and personality to a home. 

Staging is very interesting and fulfilling work! However, one of the toughest things we experience with clients is the moment right after we have staged their home where they exclaim “Why didn’t we make it like this before we decided to sell – so we could have enjoyed it!”

So whether you are staging your home to sell…

or just wishing for your home to be functioning better and looking more lovely.

Let’s Talk! We’d love to meet with you, listen to what your situation is and what your wants/needs are. Estimates are complimentary and at no obligation. A practical plan can be crafted with you and we will be there to help you every step of the way! Clients can pick and choose what services are of interest and value to them. We offer non-judgemental, confidential and expert services.

Call us today to book your Smart Stage Makeover – Refresh Your Space for Less!

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