Why should I Organize?

-for your peace of mind, to reduce your stress, to finally declutter your home
-if you are spending too much time looking for your everyday items such as; car keys, bags or wallets – you may need our help
-an organized home will help free up your time to do more things that you enjoy
-similar items will be stored together in their own zones, so you will be able to find and put away things with more ease
-you will see what you have on hand and by knowing this, you will never buy too much of anything again
-you will find that being organized will save you time and money

How can The Art of Order help me?

-we will focus on the areas in your home that you find most troublesome
-help you sort through your belongings and support your decisions regarding what to keep, donate or give to family and friends
-once it is decided what stays in the home, we can organize similar items together in bins, baskets or on shelves
-we will then help you disperse items that you no longer want or need by donating to local charities of your choice

Why is The Art of Order Unique?

-The Art of Order is unique because we offer both quality staging and a variety of organizing services
-staging projects require each room to look amazing, as well as the areas behind cupboards
-key areas that people look into during showings are kitchen cupboards, linen closets, vanities and basement storage rooms
-even if you are not staging, we will work with you one on one to solve the problematic areas in your home, such as; home offices, kitchen pantries, closets, bathroom vanities and basements

Is Organizing Expensive?

-an organized home will save you money – for example, when all of your cleaning supplies are stored properly, you will know exactly what you have on hand and will not be tempted to overbuy
-the same idea can be applied to cosmetics, toiletries, staple foods, items that have an expiry date, clothing, footwear and gifts
-having professionals assist you, saves time and effort by finding containers that will work and developing systems that succeed

What can I expect from the Organizing Team?

-we are non-judgmental, respectful and creative professionals
-our goal is to take care of you and your family, whatever the situation may be
-we listen to your concerns, talk to you about what you need and do our best to provide efficient and cost effective solutions



SMART STAGING is a unique process that we created and developed to properly prepare your home to sell
– it is aimed at homeowners who might find it difficult to have their home staged
– reasons not to stage may be; too expensive for a young couple, too invasive for a busy family or too hard to manage with a downsizing client
– our Smart Staging is affordable, less invasive and takes you through the whole process from start to finish
-it is essential that the first few minutes in the home will make a fantastic first impression for the buyer
-we offer custom solutions to ensure that this goal is fully met in a cost-effective, caring and comprehensive way
-we respect your time by eliminating the need for you to call and co-ordinate many different service providers
-we have a huge roster of trusted professionals that we can call for you when you engage our services


-we tidy, rearrange and re-style your home for maximum appeal to the widest range of buyers
-with fresh eyes we utilize as much of your own furniture, art and accessories as possible to improve the look and flow
-we bring in some rental pieces to create a polished, stylish and organized look that buyers respond to
-our rental packages can be small; from a few towels, a couple art pieces, lamps and some fresh bedding to fully furnished rooms – we’ll figure it all out for you!
-making a place feel spacious, fresh and current are powerful tools to sell a property
-we declutter, organize, pack and stage to lighten, brighten and beautify the entire home including inside closets, cupboards and storage areas
-we’ll find temporary organizing solutions for excess items making your move easier
-home improvements eliminate distractions and obstacles for the buyers
-we are seasoned in choosing the projects that matter most, for example; the cost of fixing outdated light fixtures, worn carpets and wall scuffs may be over-estimated by potential buyers and reduce the perceived value of the property
-the reason to simplify a room, is that buyers can picture their furniture fitting in and living there – Space Sells!
-when you put your home in our hands every room will be a pleasure for buyers to experience
-if buyers feel comfortable in the space, they stay longer which creates that desired connection


-we emphasize how inviting the property will look online and in the marketing materials which both help to generate showings
-an example we like to use is, if you try to think of selling your home in the same way as you would if you are applying for the most important job in your entire career
-staging is similar to how you would present yourself in a job interview, your house is the candidate
-addressing the repairs in your home is like the grooming you’d do for your interview, say a haircut or manicure
-the entire amount of effort is very worthwhile for that brief opportunity to show what you have to offer
-choosing an appropriate look in your home is like the fashion you’d invest in, a new jacket, the right jewellery
-buyers, like potential employers, will judge your home in the first few seconds based on a first impression
-if they have a good feeling they will spend more time investigating what is being presented to them
-because these are both such big opportunities, you will feel good, knowing that you did everything you could
-preparing your home can be a lot of work in some areas, and other areas may only need a little work – we make sure that no time or money is wasted
-everything we do is designed to add value to the property and make life easier for you
-our SMART STAGE system and experience make us able to properly prioritize and get everything done for you


-after many years of staging all different types of homes, we have learned what strategies are the most effective
-during this time we have observed that although staging can be a positive experience for some clients – it can be unpleasant and stressful for others
-for these clients who have trouble envisioning the staging process, excellent results can be achieved, but it requires extra care and ingenuity to alter the process and prioritize correctly
-our staging is smart because we take extra time to analyze what is already there and how can it be re-configured and re-purposed in order to use fewer rental items
-fewer rental items means; added value for budget projects, less worry for busy families and more convenience for seniors who may be already be dealing with so many changes
-our experience tells us exactly what areas need a lot of attention and what other areas need none, saving everyone time, effort and expense
-Smart Staging can result in a high rate of return when you are selling your home or condo
-a stylish, orderly and fresh looking home sells quicker, easier and for a higher price than a dark, chaotic cluttered one
-The Smart Stage approach works every time to prepare properties for sale and make life easier for the home owner


-call us anytime for a complimentary telephone assessment
-email us to schedule an in-home assessment, first ½ hour at no charge
-explore our new website www.theartoforder.ca
-message us via Instagram at @theartoforderinc


What is Redesign and how does it work?

-we got into redesign after hearing many homeowners lament “Why didn’t we do this 20 years ago?” after we successfully decluttered, organized and staged a home
-our staging skills easily transfer to homes where people aren’t selling/moving but want their home to look bigger, brighter and fresher
-we can set clients on a path for success when we inventory what they already have in their home, identify their goals and then create a new look that they will enjoy for years to come
-it’s truly a thrill for us when homeowners fall back in love with their home after redesigning with us

Is Redesign Expensive?

-no, the redesign process involves repurposing and reworking items that you already have, this reduces the overall cost of creating a new look and is environmentally conscious
-instead of buying new, we encourage clients to restore older items that are of good quality and can be brought back to life
-consignment shops are on the rise and we can direct people to them as well as auction houses and antique dealers to perhaps sell some items that are no longer used and create some funds for home updates like painting and flooring
-clients appreciate this approach as it is an excellent form of recycling and keeps things out of the landfill

How can you help Seniors who are moving to a Seniors Residence?

-we enjoy working with seniors and offer a seniors discount on our labour fees
-The Art of Order is well equipped to handle downsizing and space planning projects
-we measure the new space, edit and advise what furniture will fit and assist where needed to move to a smaller space
-it is normal for us to wear many hats on these projects to keep the services consistent and manageable
-we break down these projects into several phases and we personally handle all of them from beginning to end
-we are known for our compassion and respect for the family and our ability to reduce the immense stress of moving to a seniors residence


How can The Art of Order keep the price of staging down?

-adjust the length of the rental term if needed, for example 8 weeks for the price of 4 weeks
-our attention is on maximizing the client’s own furniture and only using furniture rentals when needed
-help edit and declutter as well as stage the home
-save everyone time by acting as a liaison with our vast of list of trades and services

Do you have some of your own items to rent for staging? What if we need bigger items?

-The Art of Order has its own storage space filled to the max with gorgeous art, accessories, bedding, lamps, towels, faux greenery, mirrors, baskets, small furniture and rugs
-we renew pieces often and are more than happy to sell items at a very reasonable price to homeowners wishing to buy them
-for larger furniture items, we work with a fantastic company called LUX FURNITURE RENTALS, the quality and service are amazing! – -we select what furniture is needed and make all of the arrangements efficiently

How can you help sellers who have too much stuff and are in a hurry to list their home?

-we make a game plan for clients and set them up with reputable specialists in antiques, online and estate auctions, community donation centres such as shelters, new Canadian and refugee agencies, furniture donations, consignment stores, storage companies and movers
-we have excellent assistants to help keep things moving quickly
-we prioritize within each project to avoid wasted time, effort and money
-our training enables us to help clients focus on decisions regarding what to keep/store/pack/move and we take care of everything from there

How long does it take to stage a home or condo?

-in-home assessment can provide an estimate usually within 24 hours
-our flexibility allows us to work around client schedules including those who work from home and have children
-most staging projects can be completed within 1.5 to 2.5 days including some offsite work where we do our design plan, select and pack up items, bring everything to the home for the staging day and pick up everything after the home is sold
-we try our best to be accommodating in our approach, be mindful of the situation and make it a positive and worthwhile experience

What is Pre-Staging? If I already have a stager I like to use, can you get the home ready for staging day?

-yes, we enjoy helping out other stages in prepping the home, because we are stagers and organizers we have all the right training and experience to get the home ready for staging day
-we can get all the surfaces cleared, pack up what they need to store, organize the cupboards, closets and storage areas so there is a beautiful store-like effect showing room to spare
-your stager can instruct us on what to hold back and what to remove, this works very well when there is a tight timeline as homeowners can get overwhelmed and fail to be ready for the staging day

What is Property Styling - how is it different from Staging?

-property styling is a service that we provide where we work with the client’s existing items only
-we edit, pack and arrange to store excess items to reduce clutter and open spaces to improve the flow
-rearranging furniture, art and accessories is very effective, we can make a huge difference in a short period of time
-clients often ask for a list for some things they could buy and use for the staging project and then keep them for their new place for example: bedding, towels, lamps, rugs, mirrors and small furniture

How can you help Seniors who are moving to a Seniors residence?

-we enjoy working with seniors and offer a seniors discount on our labour fees
-The Art of Order is well equipped to handle downsizing and space planning projects
-we measure the new space, edit and advise what furniture will fit, and assist where needed to move to a smaller space
-it is normal for us to wear many hats on these projects to keep the services consistent and manageable
-we break down these types of projects into several phases and we personally handle all of the phases from beginning to end
-The Art of Order is known for our compassion and respect for the family and our ability to reduce the immense stress of moving to a senior’s residence


  • “I was standing in my office this morning and felt so good to have everything looking so spiffy. It’s as if my life has meaning. You’re Outstanding! Thanks to you both for your wonderful work. You succeeded.”

    Wayne Yetman
    Toronto condo owner
  • “I recently had to get my house ready to sell with an active 10-month old underfoot and absolutely could not have done it without Toby and Anne. They came in and did EVERYTHING, I like that they kept pictures of my family around and incorporated other personal touches throughout. I would definitely make Toby and Anne my first call the next time I need to stage a house in Toronto.”

    Helen J.
  • “I have lived in my house for eight years, and in the matter of a few hours, Toby and Anne transformed my entire living space. Their eye for detail, efficient and organized approach to showcasing the best features of my home was completed effortlessly.”

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Toby and Anne have been my “go to” for several years and for several good reasons. I wouldn’t list a property without them. Their suggestions, their work ethic, their professionalism, their consideration and kindness to my clients and their brilliant skill in preparing a house for the market.”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER “Since 1980” Bosley Real Estate Ltd.
  • “Can’t thank-you enough. The staging was a huge part of its success – 122% of sale price achieved.”

    Shannon B.
    Real Estate Agent
  • “I loved how they worked with my decor and pulled together a subdued but elegant, livable space, without any disruption or drama. I highly recommend Toby and Anne, they are the essence of what it is to be a professional. I will keep them on my speed dial.”

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Toby and Anne have a gift for presenting a home in its best light! I enjoy watching this amazing team in action and I have been completely awestruck each and every time. My personal recommendation is, the Art of Order, to anyone looking for a friendly, professional, carefree and fun experience. My clients love them both!”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER "Since 1980" Bosley Real Estate Ltd.