Declutter and Organize

Declutter and Organize

Let The Art of Order sort it out for you using our step by step process

First, we evaluate the troublesome areas of your home. We work with you to help you decide what items to keep, donate or recycle and then arrange to take away the unwanted items. Then we plan the new space, create storage solutions and put everything in its place before outlining a maintenance strategy to keep things neat and tidy.

Downsizing and Redesign

We can reduce the stress by supporting you every step of the way

With patience and respect, we will help you sort and edit your belongings. We help determine what special items will work in your new home and identify things that you no longer like or use, which can be donated to people in need. We will measure your furniture and your new space to ensure everything fits nicely. Items moving with you will be packed properly.  We will oversee the moving day to make sure things run smoothly. Finally, we can set up your new home so it is ready for you to enjoy.

Smart Staging

We stage homes differently to make it easier and more affordable

The Art of Order can help you with every phase of preparing your home for sale, including decluttering, packing, organizing and staging. Once your home is edited, we work with your best furniture and accessories while adding a few special touches with our rental item​s to create a current look that is light and bright. This allows buyers to envision themselves living there. 

We Are Here To Help!

From refreshing an entire home, top to bottom, to organizing a single kitchen drawer, we have solutions to fit your needs. We are more than happy to help you discover your own “Art Of Order” as your trusted staging and organizing coaches.

We Offer Art Services!

Did you know that we love installing art!

Let us help you pack, edit, organize, place and hang your treasured pieces.  We have many years of experience and can create a new look using what you have in a different way.  We can provide expert advice about custom framing to update your art pieces.  Creating and installing a beautiful gallery wall is something we love to do for clients.


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  • “I was standing in my office this morning and felt so good to have everything looking so spiffy. It’s as if my life has meaning. You’re Outstanding! Thanks to you both for your wonderful work. You succeeded.”

    Wayne Yetman
    Toronto condo owner
  • “I recently had to get my house ready to sell with an active 10-month old underfoot and absolutely could not have done it without Toby and Anne. They came in and did EVERYTHING, I like that they kept pictures of my family around and incorporated other personal touches throughout. I would definitely make Toby and Anne my first call the next time I need to stage a house in Toronto.”

    Helen J.
  • “I have lived in my house for eight years, and in the matter of a few hours, Toby and Anne transformed my entire living space. Their eye for detail, efficient and organized approach to showcasing the best features of my home was completed effortlessly.”

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Toby and Anne have been my “go to” for several years and for several good reasons. I wouldn’t list a property without them. Their suggestions, their work ethic, their professionalism, their consideration and kindness to my clients and their brilliant skill in preparing a house for the market.”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER “Since 1980” Bosley Real Estate Ltd.
  • “Can’t thank-you enough. The staging was a huge part of its success – 122% of sale price achieved.”

    Shannon B.
    Real Estate Agent
  • “I loved how they worked with my decor and pulled together a subdued but elegant, livable space, without any disruption or drama. I highly recommend Toby and Anne, they are the essence of what it is to be a professional. I will keep them on my speed dial.”

    Riverdale Homeowner
  • “Toby and Anne have a gift for presenting a home in its best light! I enjoy watching this amazing team in action and I have been completely awestruck each and every time. My personal recommendation is, the Art of Order, to anyone looking for a friendly, professional, carefree and fun experience. My clients love them both!”

    Susan Asquith
    BROKER "Since 1980" Bosley Real Estate Ltd.