Staging is like a Puzzle”

Spring and Summer 2021

Three weeks ago I broke both my ankles. It was a beautiful Sunday morning on Lake Rosseau, I was spending the weekend away at my friend’s cottage. I had just finished a cup of coffee and was getting up from a lawn chair. As I got up, my feet stopped but I was propelled forward onto my knees, and broke both ankles. This was a silly accident that has left me wearing 2 air casts and using crutches for 6 weeks. Agh!

Being “laid up” has given me time to sleep, read and try to keep my mind off my ankles. And as a result, I have also taken up jigsaw puzzles. It occurred to me that while I was sorting puzzle pieces into similar colours and patterns that doing jigsaw puzzles is similar to staging.

With a jigsaw puzzle there are hundreds of random pieces of various colours and shapes that need to fit together to create a complete picture. Puzzling requires a scrupulous eye for colour, pattern, shape and texture. Everything has a place and you know immediately if it doesn’t.

With staging there are many accessories which are like puzzle pieces that when combined, will “fit” together to create a harmonious space.

When Toby and I stage a bedroom, for instance, we usually begin with art + colour theme. We go to our storage unit where we keep all our inventory and begin to gather the “pieces of the puzzle” which for us are: quilts, throws, pillows, toss cushions, and accessories. These items, like puzzle pieces, are also sorted by colour, shape and texture.

At the client’s home we complete the puzzle. We make the beds, add pillows, throws, side tables, adjust lamps, rugs and hang artwork. We add items and remove accessories until all the items “click” together and create a complete vignette. We know we have completed the puzzle when all the pieces fit together.

There is a very rewarding sense of accomplishment when this happens. We are very proud to share our skills and help people simultaneously.

Who would have thought an injury could nurse gratitude!

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