Got Stage Fright?   The Art of Order is here to help!

When I think of the term “stage fright” it conjures up images of an overwhelmed actor who forgets their lines before a performance that has the potential of leaving a lasting impression on an audience. In the world of home staging, this expression can translate to an overwhelmed homeowner who wants to attract and impress potential buyers but is uncertain about how to preparing their home for sale.

We at The Art of Order understand “stage fright” and are here to help! Home staging is one of the services we provide and we are passionate about working with home owners to create inviting spaces that will attract potential buyers.

Simply put, home staging is the process of increasing the appeal of a home in order to attract a wide range of interested home buyers. The process often involves editing the contents of a home and depersonalizing the space so that potential buyers can see themselves living in the home.

We use a Smart Stage approach to home staging which transforms tired properties into homes that offer maximum buyer appeal. We select and relocate the home owner’s best furnishings with an eye on keeping rental costs low. By organizing and editing closets, cupboards, vanities, and utility rooms the moving process is initiated because we cull old and unused items with the home owner. Living in a staged home can be a bit daunting, so we also offer sanity saving strategies to help keep day to day living normal while maintaining the home’s staged look and feel.

Research continues to show that home staging not only helps sell homes faster it can also bring with it higher sale prices – even in today’s red-hot real estate market. Since The Art of Order was created five years ago we have worked with countless homeowners and realtors in and around the GTA to refresh homes in preparation for sale. We have also seen firsthand homes we have staged sell above asking as a result of our Smart Stage approach.

We are here to help. If you have questions about how our services can help you stage your home, organize your current space or help pack up your current abode we would love to hear from you. Continue to watch this space because in the coming months we will post more blogs about the home staging process. Until then, be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on our projects. 

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