2023 Decor Trends – Expressive and Organic

Warm, Comfy, Dramatic, Earthy and Unique ideas for your home or apartment in 2023

For the first 2 – months of the year we have been looking forward to find the best new trends in decorating this year. Our perspective has a three-pronged approach because we are Decorators, Declutterers and Stagers. The key elements are:

  1. Mixing things up – old/new, light/dark, vintage/contemporary
  2. Soothing the Senses – curves, soft edges, natural elements of colour and texture
  3. Artsy, handmade “imperfect” finds

What is interesting about this year’s leanings is how the return of the human touch is present everywhere from cozy, layered hangouts to luxurious, curated and highly personalized spaces. Spaces will be defined in a more social way allowing living spaces to incorporate relaxed areas to chill out with friends and family as well as separate areas for different types of activities including work spaces, art studios and fitness areas. The open concept is no longer the be all and end all.

It might sound like a challenge to stage homes with these new aesthetics going on but all of our experience has taught us how to create an airy, appealing and unified look in a property that showcases its best features and welcomes buyers to imagine themselves living there. We absolutely thrive on working with the clients’ most suitable items and adding in our own touches to update the space perfectly. Styles can come and go so we mine for the most appropriate looks for staging. People often tell us that our help packing, editing, decluttering and re-homing unwanted items is very appreciated.

We are looking forward to the new warm and earthy tones of sage green, aubergine, deep teal, olive, navy blues and wine colours. These shades can be used to define spaces as well as statement wallpaper in smaller places like powder rooms. Accent walls have changed from super bright and mod themes to intensely moody ones. Helping clients decorate their new homes will be very enjoyable indeed.

Another wonderful thing that will be such a positive change is the swinging of the pendulum to welcome back… well-made brown furniture. We have witnessed for over a decade beloved family furniture being sadly cast aside. It is such a useful trend in that now there is a rather large inventory of solid, good quality pieces at affordable prices. Antique stores, vintage stores and thrift shops as well as creative refinishers and craftspeople can feel good about giving these pieces a new life and keeping landfills less full. As people who help others downsize, this movement is a welcome one.

Celebrating things that are irregular and off-beat sounds very cool. Fluffy rugs, real plants, wabi-sabi ceramics, handmade boxes and coloured glass are liveable and sustainable. Contrasts are everywhere creating a homey, yet opulent mid-century magic that is a refreshing break from the austerity of minimalism. Even though the all-white sterile look has waned for kitchens and bathrooms, white and other “barely there” pale colours can work well as accents to provide breathing space amongst the artsy and retro objets d’art.

As always, everyday clutter is best kept behind cupboard doors or in clever containers. Open shelves might have less on them, as simplicity still has an important place, in our humble opinions. The interest could now be more on combinations of bold patterns and displaying interesting liveable accessories which will add character to our rooms – changing up to a sort of adult, bohemian attitude.

After spending so much time at home most of us have had plenty of time to think about what is important to us, how we would like to spend our time, who we will hang out with and what we will be doing. Creativity is always fuelled in part by boredom so we think the trends of 2023 are a direct result of this “unprecedented time” that has just happened. It also just feels good to use things that are here already instead of weathering the seemingly endless issues with the supply chain.

The truly great thing about 2023’s decor trends is that anyone can enjoy a small or large foray into Maximalism that is tempered with a nod to the past and a spotlight on with what makes people tick.

Warmth, Expression, Drama, Earthy and Unique interiors are, as they say here in Ontario, Canada – “Yours to discover!”

Let the hunt for One-of a-Kind treasures commence!

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