What are your rates for Organizing?

$140. hourly + HST for 2 person team

$185. hourly + HST for 3 person team

-Hourly rates are for; assessment, packing, sorting, editing, decluttering and donation drop-offs to your favourite charity
-Creating, sourcing and and shopping for organizing systems tools
-Access to our vast array of trusted professional resources to help you manage your belongings

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Who needs Organizing Services?

Everyone can use a bit of help to create a calm and and organized home .

We have created a few packages just to give clients an idea of the average costs and time involved.

We can help you as little or as much as you like based on your budget and needs.Projects can be broken down and 

accomplished over an extended time frame and we can also provide maintenance tune-up visits

Declutter your Space Package

Imagine having a place for everything and everything in its place.

-Organizing Services include; assessment, goal setting, making an

action plan to sort edit and declutter with professional organizers,

coordinate with charities for donations or donation drop-offs, 

recommend, source and install organizing tools

-Suggested areas; kitchen cupboards, pantry, front hall closets, mudrooms,

bathroom vanities, linen cupboards, bedroom closets, offices, china cabinets

and buffets, family room, craft room, play room, rec room, basement storage, 

laundry room, tool room and garage

-Save money by booking and paying in advance

Average project length 2 - 4 days 

Settle-In Package

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your new place be move-in ready for you?

-Available Services may include; Unpacking, setting up basic areas like kitchen and bathrooms, 

making up beds, installing lamps and working on closets

-We can even get your home shaped up while you are away!

Average project length 1.5 days

Welcome Home Package

Imagine how amazing it could be to come home from your vacation 

to a beautifully styled and organized home. 

-Services include; planning sessions to address problem areas, re-arranging

spaces, re-styling bookcases and surfaces, hanging art, installing new items,

improving lighting, arranging for cleaning and sprucing up outdoor areas

-Save money by booking and paying in advance.

Average project length - 2 days

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing

The first 30 minute telephone conversation is complimentary. 

Our purpose is to listen and understand your situation and learn about your goals.

The Initial Assessment with Toby and Anne includes; asking questions, listening to your needs, prioritizing your goals, 

viewing the space by virtual tour, providing homework and scheduling the next session.

Virtual Organizing sessions are by video chat on your phone, tablet or computer with one professional organizer 

for a minimum of one hour. Sessions include: providing direction, recommending organizing tools, resources, tips and solutions. 

To keep you accountable an email with follow up tasks will be sent so you can continue to organize between sessions.

Subsequent Virtual Organizing sessions can include additional rooms and continued goal setting as we move through the home. We can help you track your progress, and work through some of your organizing projects to help you maintain them.