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Got Stage Fright?   The Art of Order is here to help!

April 2022

When I think of the term “stage fright” it conjures up images of an overwhelmed actor who forgets their lines before a performance that has the potential of leaving a lasting impression on an audience. In the world of home staging, this expression can translate to an overwhelmed homeowner who wants to attract and impress potential buyers but is uncertain about how to preparing their home for sale.


We at The Art of Order understand “stage fright” and are here to help! Home staging is one of the services we provide and we are passionate about working with home owners to create inviting spaces that will attract potential buyers.

Simply put, home staging is the process of increasing the appeal of a home in order to attract a wide range of interested home buyers. The process often involves editing the contents of a home and depersonalizing the space so that potential buyers can see themselves living in the home.


We use a Smart Stage approach to home staging which transforms tired properties into homes that offer maximum buyer appeal. We select and relocate the home owner’s best furnishings with an eye on keeping rental costs low. By organizing and editing closets, cupboards, vanities, and utility rooms the moving process is initiated because we cull old and unused items with the home owner. Living in a staged home can be a bit daunting, so we also offer sanity saving strategies to help keep day to day living normal while maintaining the home’s staged look and feel.

Research continues to show that home staging not only helps sell homes faster it can also bring with it higher sale prices – even in today’s red-hot real estate market. Since The Art of Order was created five years ago we have worked with countless homeowners and realtors in and around the GTA to refresh homes in preparation for sale. We have also seen firsthand homes we have staged sell above asking as a result of our Smart Stage approach.

We are here to help. If you have questions about how our services can help you stage your home, organize your current space or help pack up your current abode we would love to hear from you. Continue to watch this space because in the coming months we will post more blogs about the home staging process. Until then, be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on our projects. 


Happy New Year - Join the "S.W.O.T. " Team!

January 2022

It’s a New Year and with that comes the (hard to avoid) analysis of where you are now compared to where you were in the past. It’s easy to think of all the things we didn’t do that we wanted to and skip acknowledging what we did do. It is actually harder to move forward when you are feeling “less than”.

How about if - instead, to start the year we listed the things that were positive?

What if it looked like this? IN 2021…

"Something I worked hard on that I felt proud of _______________"

"Something positive that I witnessed _______________"

"I helped out by _______________"

"I was lucky enough to _______________"

"Someone made me proud by _______________"

"I am so glad that I _______________"

We take time to dream about the future and there is always a rash of resolutions in an attempt to speed things along so we can get what we want. It is so easy to make unrealistic goals, especially after such a frustrating and worrisome couple of years. This approach is too focussed on product ,not process.

One thing we have learned this year is that with a microscope on all of our understandably disjointed productivity is the relationship of 

Intention vs. Action.

It is easy to wish for something and hope it happens to us. This is a fairly Passive approach. I have found that until there is a plan and suitable support in place that we then and only then can take charge of the situation and have a better chance of making it happen - which is more of a PRO - Active approach.

It is more like we make things happen rather that things happen to us.

What has been so interesting about having the lines blurred between work and home is the loosening up of the parameters that divide the two mindsets needed for both.

Systems we use for home management can be adopted for work use because when we are working at home, we see the possibilities in front of us everyday..

For example: I keep 2 lists - Front Burner Home Tasks and Back Burner Home Tasks.

As you can imagine, The Front Burners are critical things that need to be done right away and are based on Needs.

The Back Burners are things that would be good to do when I have time, based on Wants.

Yesterday, I did a giant TIDY on my workspace and I accidentally switched my work lists over to Front and Back Burners. Then I thought - “This is Great!” If it works for me at home, why not at work - correct? All those blurred lines between work and home gave me a little gift.

It can go the other way around too. 

 MEET The S.W.O.T. Analysis!

Anyone managing a business may have utilized this exercise through the years. It is a proven strategy for growth and is very beneficial in its inherent simplicity and efficiency. You can easily see your path and where to put your attention.

It goes like this…



______________- _______________

OBSTACLES:              THREATS:



Why not try a S.W.O.T. Analysis for the personal side of things.

How about a S.W.O.T. with your fitness plan in mind?

S.W.O.T. your goal of a great vacation - kinda fun after all the missed vacations.

S.W.O.T. yourself to enjoy better sleep.

 - the possibilities are infinite.

Enjoy a wonderful start to the year 2022!

Whatever it is you use it for - this “switching up” of thinking styles is healthy.

 It is so good for our minds to change up a bit and re-frame challenges, while noticing what is going right for a change.

Try a S.W.O.T. Analysis for a fair and balanced approach that uses Action to reach your Intention. Quite possibly, it will get you closer to realizing your hopes and dreams. 

"Our Holiday Tips to add Warmth "

Holiday 2021

Here we are after 1 year of starting our blog! It has been fun sharing with clients, colleagues, friends and beyond some of our observations, tips and reflections. We hope you have enjoyed what we have put together so far.

Anne and I asked ourselves the other day;

“How can we make more Comfort and Joy for the holidays?” We created the list below of different ways to add warmth to the holidays, inside and out:)


- Take Inventory in your storage areas

-Spend an hour or two in your basement and storage areas to look at what you have put in there that you are not using - do you need it? Want it? can it be donated? or thrown out?

-Are there things that need upgrading that could make for practical gift ideas such as luggage, small appliances or linens?

-Are there gently used items that someone else could use? Can you reuse what you have in different ways to make your own signature look?

*When you start early - it can add creativity and practicality to the holidays instead of adding more shopping


-It’s time to switch your closets from spring/summer to fall/winter

-If you haven’t worn an item over the past 2 years, perhaps you could consider donating it?

-Colour blocking is a great way to keep your closet organized, hang all the black items together, the blue items together and the white items together, you get the idea….

-To make it, even more, clutter-free, purchase the same style hangers for a clean look,

-We like to use wooden hangers for coats and heavy items, and narrow black velvet hangers which are slimmer and take up less space, the velvet also helps items stay on the hanger


-Now is a great time to sort through your clothes and donate to your local charity

-Snowsuits, winter coats and jackets are boots are in great need and really appreciated this time of year

-If they haven’t been worn over the last two winter seasons, or family members have grown out of their winter gear, they could be utilized and enjoyed by someone else

-Don’t forget to go through the pockets and clean items before donating

-At this time of year there are coat drives in the community that can be found through flyers or online


-Create a Holiday Zone in an under-used area so it is easy to see what you have in the way of cards, gift wrap, bags, ribbons

-A bulletin board can be helpful to start your unique Holiday Look by displaying clippings, recipes, entertaining and outing ideas, a calendar can keep everyone in sync of all the upcoming fun

*Exchanging gifts is fun and special but the Holidays are usually remembered by what you DID, not what you gave and received..


-Cosiness is a beautiful and simple element of the Holidays that we love. Adding textures such as faux fur and suede, velvet, flannel, corduroy and natural linens easily bring elegance and comfort to any room

-Sheens of different types and colours can be combined with glass, lucite, mosaic, silk, satin and pearl accessories for your eclectic Holiday look

-Tone-on-Tone colour schemes are wonderfully simple and comfortable and can utilize everyday items for the holidays, just by combining them differently. That makes for less decorations to store each year

*Adding a few things to liven up what you already have can reduce the stress of decorating and make more time for family and friends


-If you are entertaining friends and family from out of town over the holiday don’t forget to give your guest room a refresh

-Make sure your bedding is clean and comfortable

-Add a throw at the end of the bed, it provides extra warmth on those cold nights and a bit of texture to the room

-Your bedside table should have a good lamp, perhaps a water glass and carafe

-The closest bathroom can house a small spa basket with a few luxe essentials in it

-For an added touch, set out a scented candle or festive greenery on the bedside table too

-Your guests will feel welcome and appreciate the extra touches 


"Discovering the Silver Lining"

Fall 2021

2021 is whizzing by. We have been working solidly (and safely) all year with a new sense of perspective. Our goal has always been to help people by “Refreshing Spaces”. Whether people are living, working, creating, resting or a combination of everything, in their space. I think we all understand our spaces a lot more now. How we live, work and play has been under a microscope for well over a year! It feels good to be more tuned in to our needs and the needs of others.

Refreshing a space means so much more now - in addition to the tried and true tasks such as; decluttering, painting, updating elements and re-defining the purpose of an area, our new perspective can also involve more holistic tasks. More attention can be on creating a flexible and convertible space where you can be more creative, playful, contemplative or productive. It is more about what happens inside the space as well as how it looks. It is how a space feels, sounds and functions that becomes paramount. All of our senses are taking part.

Being confined to our own quarters has made us take a hard look at what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes there are clues that can expose other issues that need to be brought to the forefront..

This idea is very important to us as home stagers. Our work is all about the feeling, light, flow and functionality of the property when we take on a project. Sure, it would be so easy to buy a bunch of nice stuff and just fill up a condo or house but staging is much more than that! We use a scientific approach to ensure the buyer can see and feel the potential of every corner.

Serving clients during a pandemic boosted our listening skills and our attention to details. By simplifying our workflows, it is now easier to be mindful and be present for people - and ourselves. Busily rushing around is only an option now - not a given.

Covid restrictions gave us time to fully experience, reflect and re-evaluate our personal and business lives. This is the same process we endeavor to bring to people’s homes. We aim to be Refreshing Spaces - even if you are not selling your home!

The Silver Lining Covid takeaway is understanding the value of taking time to carefully and thoughtfully assess areas of your home, the activities that happen within them and set goals accordingly in new ways.

We love using sense keywords to set goals. Think about how you want your kitchen to feel, function, smell, sound and look? Describe your vision with a couple of descriptive words.


Here are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself and your family:

The Kitchen for example:

Is there enough light in your meal preparation area? Is it a pleasant place to work in?

Do you feel inspired when you are in it? Is it easy to clean?

Do your food storage containers keep contents airtight? Do you need all of the food storage and travel drink containers that currently reside there?

Are you using all of your small appliances frequently? Do they all need to be out? Are they easy to access?

How do you keep track of what you are going to eat and the ingredients you need?

Is it easy to see what you already have?

How many different cupboards do you have to visit to make a little lunch? Is there chaos in the fridge/freezer?

Is it social enough or too much so? Can 2 people work easily together? Safe for Kids? + Seniors?

Is the kitchen a good place to be? Does it make you happy?

Any area of the home can be assessed in this way.

At the end of a Staging Day- almost every time - clients tell us that we did all of the things they wish they had done! Some don’t even want to move - when that happens it is truly a success because falling in love with a space is what Home Staging is all about.

Why wait until you move/sell to improve your home and make it a better place to be? 

Staging is like a Puzzle"

Spring and Summer 2021

Three weeks ago I broke both my ankles. It was a beautiful Sunday morning on Lake Rosseau, I was spending the weekend away at my friend’s cottage. I had just finished a cup of coffee and was getting up from a lawn chair. As I got up, my feet stopped but I was propelled forward onto my knees, and broke both ankles. This was a silly accident that has left me wearing 2 air casts and using crutches for 6 weeks. Agh!

Being “laid up” has given me time to sleep, read and try to keep my mind off my ankles. And as a result, I have also taken up jigsaw puzzles. It occurred to me that while I was sorting puzzle pieces into similar colours and patterns that doing jigsaw puzzles is similar to staging.

With a jigsaw puzzle there are hundreds of random pieces of various colours and shapes that need to fit together to create a complete picture. Puzzling requires a scrupulous eye for colour, pattern, shape and texture. Everything has a place and you know immediately if it doesn’t.

With staging there are many accessories which are like puzzle pieces that when combined, will “fit” together to create a harmonious space.

When Toby and I stage a bedroom, for instance, we usually begin with art + colour theme. We go to our storage unit where we keep all our inventory and begin to gather the “pieces of the puzzle” which for us are: quilts, throws, pillows, toss cushions, and accessories. These items, like puzzle pieces, are also sorted by colour, shape and texture.

At the client’s home we complete the puzzle. We make the beds, add pillows, throws, side tables, adjust lamps, rugs and hang artwork. We add items and remove accessories until all the items “click” together and create a complete vignette. We know we have completed the puzzle when all the pieces fit together.

There is a very rewarding sense of accomplishment when this happens. We are very proud to share our skills and help people simultaneously.

Who would have thought an injury could nurse gratitude!

"The Island of Misfit Art" - A Roadblock to Creativity

March 2021 

Organizing, digitizing, distributing and purging the kid’s art made me go very deep into the storage cupboards. While I was there, I discovered some folders of art I had kept from various art shows where I had a few unsold pieces. I still like these fun little pieces but realized I have moved some of them many times. That means they have been packed, moved, unpacked and occupied valuable space in my studio 7+ times over. 

I love donating to thrift stores and do so often but something about donating these small art pieces didn’t feel right - they were very personal and also they needed to be framed in order to appreciate them fully.

My daughter, who was helping me with some other art projects commented on how my mindset was perhaps skewed and that others might benefit from them as they were. My husband reminded me of how everyone benefits when we share the things that no longer serve us. The bonus is that I would have more space for my new art projects that I am planning.

With fresh eyes I looked at this as an opportunity to thank my family and also people who have been so supportive of my work in the 30+ years that I have been making and selling art.

Borrowing a technique from my business partner Anne the closet organizing queen, I pulled E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G O-U-T!

I sent out an email message and pictures to explain how I would love for these items to have new homes and that they were “Up for Grabs” free of charge. Of course, I am very sensitive to the idea that everyone else is decluttering too and in no way do I wish to add to people’s clutter! Also, as I said, many people already owned some of my art and I gave everyone the absolute green light to pass on it.

So I sent out the email and waited for the universe to tell me what to do.

I cannot express how much I appreciated the positive responses. Everything was spoken for in a couple of days and I am so grateful. The feeling of closure that I felt throughout this process was so helpful for me to move forward. A situation that was a giant drag became a great chance to thank my family and friends. I feel inspired and freed up now to start a new chapter of my art life.

In one afternoon, I got everything ready to go out and now have a beautiful fresh area to work in and I can easily access my supply cupboard. What affects our Creativity is not always logical but I think the take-away from this is to pay attention to your feelings and be open to the interpretation of others about the situation.

My husband was an inspiration when he was in the same boat, letting go of a lot of our beloved vinyl album collection. When we experienced the excitement of our daughter’s young adult friends coming over and basically taking the treasured albums off our hands we felt elated and free. It did not feel like a loss after all we both kept around 50 of our fave records.

Cliches come to mind about one person’s trash = another’s treasure but this is about what happens when the items don’t feel in any way like trash to you but you still need/want to let them go.

When we picture a specific person having something and enjoying it, the mindset changes to one of practicality and the stress disappears. Considering the current climate of stress and instability doing a small thing like this to improve your own little space can go a long way towards creating opportunity for major positive growth.  On the road to larger paintings is where I am now:)

"Let it Go"  Part  3 - Kids Books

February 2021 

Books are tricky to organize because they are useful and enjoyable - sometimes even beautiful but they do take up a lot of space, are heavy, and hard to clean. It is also very hard to find places that accept book donations. We do have a solution for that, which we will get to later.

Books are also very sentimental and since this is part of our series on Kidstuff - we will start off with kid’s books.

There are many memorable moments of hilarious afternoons and peaceful evenings reading to our kids. These times gave us a sense of well-being and fun when we enjoyed books as a family and we all learned things along the way.

Most families have a stockpile of them and they are especially difficult for us sentimental types to let go of. When I pick one up, it resonates with me and I can really feel the moment, even if is 20 or 30 years ago. Having said that - I have 6 bankers boxes filled with them. My kids have taken the most special ones to their places and of course some can be kept here as well. What about all the others? I looked through them a few months ago and I could only let 3 go. I wasn’t ready.

To be fair, I was doing OK with it but through the years all of the special grandparent books were added to our collection as well as our own books from our childhood which added a few more boxes.

We call this “The Layers of Life”.

Step 1. Look through all of them, taking out any books that are not useable or enjoyable.

For example: I edited out some of the truly Grimm fairy tales that frightened me as a child like; The Red Shoes and Little Match Girl. Anything overly ripped or stained went into recycling.

Step 2. Divide up the books using these “Layers” of who they belonged to.

So categories are; Grandparents, Parents and Kids. I also added a Series category, some of which were a mix.

Step 3. Edit each category

KEEP (special books for future use)

GIVE AWAY (to family/donate)

RECYCLE (not useful to anyone)

I tackle the easiest ones first - for me it was the Grandparents books. I kept a few as mementos for future generations.

*NOTE: There were a few that didn’t have too much of an attachment to but were still very cute and enjoyable family books, so I created a pile to “Give Away/Family” adding to baby shower gifts. I did this for the last 2 baby showers and they were a hit. Any that I thought were just OK, can be “Donated”.

Now to EDIT my books (Parents)

- take 5 or 6, lay them out

- pick the most special one

- then pick out the 2nd and 3rd most special ones.

- these go into my KEEP box

- others go into that GIVE AWAY box.

Now to my kids books (Kids) This is the biggest pile. I need smaller piles so I divide into 3 categories; Infant and Toddler, School Age and Teen.

Edit the same way as above.

I set aside any “sets”. I keep the ones that I would for sure like to read to any little ones in the family in the future. Some seemed kinda special but when I re-read a few pages they were just ok. Those go in the Give Away pile.

I am getting somewhere. Just to be on the safe side I show these Give Aways to my kids.

This eases my mind as I do not want to donate anything they might still want. They totally love the idea of other kids using them and now that I see the most special books tucked away in my 3 Keep boxes, so do I. Everyone has the books they truly love.

I divide all the other nice ones in the Give Away box into 2 categories; go to a new home of a family member/friend with a new baby at some point or to be donated. They are also now sorted chronologically to make it easier to find one when I need it.

Where to donate books? We have been working with a fantastic company that picks up books for free and donates them to people in the community who will use them. They do sell some of them and that offsets the cost of the pick-ups - Everyone benefits from this. They are called Second Life Books, to contact;  647 309-0492

So that is how we dealt with our kids books and it feels absolutely wonderful to have accomplished it!  

"Lighten Up!"  Part  2  - Me​morabilia

January 2021 

​Here we are again. We did the Kid's Art last month. When we organized it, we set aside the personal items that I categorize as "Memorabilia". They are the next thing to tackle. The kids figure they have taken away the memorabilia they wanted from our home, so logically it should be easy for me to throw the rest out right? Not when you are the sentimental type like me!  Memorabilia includes things like; badges for activities like swimming, skating and Brownies, fun certificates, crafts, homemade gifts, photos, knick knacks, awards, records, pet items, cards and special hats.

-Here’s my GOAL; I want a few mementos of their childhood for myself and possibly some items could be passed down to grandchildren if either of our daughters decides to start a family. I also want to edit my own memorabilia as there are many multiples. I.e. every report card and seemingly every card I have ever received. Husband has a few things.

- There are so many items that they are now overwhelming and I don’t have the space for the huge collection.. So, first job is to decide HOW MUCH SPACE do I wish to allocate to house to these keepsakes?

- I have 4 trunks, two little ones and two big ones. I decide one for each family member.

- The practical thing to do next is against most people’s intuitions. You’d think it would be a good idea to start sorting into many little categories. NOT SO! There is way too much volume here. I physically estimate everything to fit into the 4 trunks must be able to fit on the bed. So everything gets piled up on the bed. When there is a large amount of things a REALITY CHECK is needed. (thank-you Marie Kondo :)

- I separate items into 2 CATEGORIES: PAPER + THINGS. -Then I start on one side of the bed and start tackling the piles one by one - EVEN though they are mixed up. I take my time and look at things, I enjoy this part and reminisce over a full day deciding which things are to be tossed OUT like; broken things, things that don’t feel important or special, things that hold no memory, things that have many multiples.

-I also pull items that belong somewhere else like a baby book, or donated to another child. These piles of “OUT items go in clear bags in corners.

This helps immensely to REDUCE THE VOLUME of items on the bed. Now I have a much more manageable amount of items to organize and I also now know what I have. This helps me make a few more SPECIFIC subject categories such as handmade cards from kids, special cards, schoolwork, achievements, friends and parties and pets

-I now look at the containers I have and see how much space I have for in each each person's trunk.

- Now it is SO EASY to go through and sort and I have EMOTIONALLY DEALT WITH the items and I can now SUPER QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY look at how much there is in each category and edit more ruthlessly to be able to fit in the containers. I try to keep only 1 out of every 8-10 things. I FEEL GOOD about what I am throwing away or donating because the special items are now clear to me and 

that is all I NEED.

-Also while I am editing I can ADD LITTLE NOTES about what the things are so they feel even more worthwhile. Everything looks NEAT and TIDY and cared for. I found quite a few things that I had been looking for - Bonus!

-In the end... My GOAL was met.  I had 1 trunk for each person in the family. This felt AMAZING!

My "AHA Moment! Part1 - Kid's Art

December 2020

I’ll start by saying that I am a reformed member of the Professional Organizer business. I was not born organized - quite the opposite. My disorganization drove me so crazy that I studied and practiced and learned to organize myself and now I take great pride in helping others do the same. Organizing IS a learned skill. Having said that I do have a category that I still struggle with though. Kidstuff.

This Fall, during the POC Virtual Summit, I learned the real reason why I kept ALL of my kids art and then later had the idea of how to solve the problem of what to do with this massive collection.

Earlier in the Fall, I had cleared out a corner in my studio to make room for a fitness machine. This corner formerly had a big art filing rack that I thought had my collage papers and art for staging in it mostly. Turns out it was filled to the brim with my kids’ art. I had asked them to come and pick out some things, which they did (they are 22 and 25), and then it was up to me to get rid of the rest. I never did, so special are these 2 sizable piles of cuteness I couldn’t stop looking at them, picking up the items and feeling happy, warm memories. I love every piece, so I am stuck.

So WHY is it more important to ME - than it is to them. WHY?

When my kids were quite little, I sometimes felt anxious and overwhelmed. Being an artist gave me the skills to easily and successfully do art with them and we had a lot of fun with it through the years. I found it relaxing and felt very confident in my abilities - my kids both have great art and design skills today so it makes me feel so proud.

My childhood art somehow didn’t survive and it made me appreciate the love and intention of my kids’ art even more. It was so positive and loving and made me feel so happy. The memories of these times were ignited by looking and touching the pieces. In my fifties now - my memory isn’t what it used to be so I have a fear of forgetting these special times.

So I thought - how would I help a client with this? I would have them explore the WHY?

Then I would ask them how will that serve them today? Creativity is needed to find a way to work with this situation.

Christmas this year was different because of Covid restrictions. Our daughters suggested we all give thoughtful handmade presents to reduce shopping, costs and volume.

I absolutely love making things and, being an artist, I appreciate creative gifts.

I bought a couple of digital photo frames and USB keys, I often recommend them to new Moms to start them on a positive path of clutter control. I tell them to take photos of their kids’ art and cute projects/achievements and then put them on a digital photo frame which the children can then have as a “collection” when they are older.

So I went back in time and took my own advice. It took a few nights to do the photos and then another afternoon to organize them all on USB keys. The result was amazing and the kids absolutely LOVED them on Xmas morning! It turns out they didn’t really look through everything the first time so they both found a few things to take home of the originals and I also picked a few of the most special things for their baby books. I kept all the photos on an external hard drive of mine and then the “collection” can go out. It no longer feels like a loss for me and we all are served by the digital record of these memorable times. It is a wonderful thing to be working out at home every day and by managing my collection and my attachment to it became a reality. I needed to dig a bit deeper to understand what these feelings meant and develop a strategy to honor those feelings but not keep everything. I feel so good about this now inside and out. 

How we roll during Covid

November 2020

We are in the business of helping people when they need it most. Covid-19 has challenged us to figure out how to do so as best we can and to follow government guidelines.

For jobs that are deemed essential, that are in the timely moving or selling your home  categories:

Here's what The Art of Order is doing to make organizing and staging safe during the pandemic every day:

-fresh 3-ply masks with charcoal filters

-latex gloves changed frequently during the day

-clean heavy duty aprons

-indoor shoes or booty covers

-sanitization using wipes on surfaces we have touched

-keeping social distancing at max levels; Ideally - working alone in home using detailed homeowner instructions, or working on different floors or at least 3 meters away from clients

Wherever possible, we are trying to use technology to help us in our work with people. FaceTime, Zoom, sharing photos and documents have all been working well and we are actually grateful for this opportunity to start mastering these tools.

Virtual Organizing and Staging are very good ideas for our company and our clients as they can be effective and easy to manage. We will be training more in these areas.

Stay safe everyone!

Walk the Talk

October 2020

We are so excited to have had the time and wherewithal to declutter our own storage space for our many staging accessories. We asked ourselves the same tough questions we ask our clients; "Is this Hurting us or Helping us?", "Is this item worth the valuable Real Estate it is taking up in our unit?" Does this reflect positively on how we are today?" of course, we have the 3 categories: 

KEEP, (we want it!) 

GIVE AWAY/DONATE (someone else can use it)

RECYCLE/GARBAGE (no one would ever use this)

We like to post these questions up clear as day where we are working and also have a few big containers labelled as above to make it easy to process the items and get them out of the space as quickly as possible.

Donation centres will likely close soon for the second lockdown. No worries, let's not let that stop us from organizing. We have simply found unused corners in our storage areas, sheds, basements to contain the items temporarily. As long as they are packed up - It's all Good!

Take care and Happy Organizing!​

Welcome to The Art of Order's New Blog

September 2020

 This is something we have wanted to do for awhile. Basically, we'd love to touch base with our clients and interested persons to share with you some of the many practical and useful things we have learned along the way during 4 years of Staging and Organizing.

Also, we are very excited to have earned our Certificate of Study in Level One Foundation with the Institute of Chronic Disorganization. We love this training and will be continuing to move on to new levels.

Be well everyone!